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Who am I?

My Background

I've been working in a bank for the past 15 years. I live in the world's fastest city, New York. Boring right? But its not my home. My Wife and I have had the opportunity to spend sometime in 3 of the major cities in the world, Mumbai/Delhi, London and New York. When we're not traveling (and not disagreeing), we spend our weekends exploring and finding new ways to travel without breaking the bank.

How I Got Started

Born and raised in a middle class family, where the concept of pocket money did not exist as a student and paycheques being handed to parents as an adult, I got the travel itch pretty late in my life. The urge to explore places came up when I moved to London as an expat. A complete novice, the travel budgeting & planning made me nervous. But one must take that first step someday. So I did. :)

Top Destinations

My favorite place to visit so far has been Sweden. The closeness to the wild, the peace and quiet, was something I had never experienced before. I will be back to this place someday!

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